Cake as a Secret of success!?!

Many years ago a woman I am friendly with who seems naturally thin, trim and fit (but who really does work at it!) told me the secret to her success. She said: I never leave a wedding or celebratory event without having my piece of chocolate cake.

When she elaborated it was clear that she was mindful all week long. But when she went somewhere special she treated herself to the lavish dessert.

I recently was at a gala buffet dinner honoring a mutual friend and sat next to the chocolate cake friend. She opted to not eat a thing the entire buffet (Unlike me 😱). She wasn’t hungry, as she ate a full meal before coming to the event. She doesn’t enjoy certain foods and correctly predicted that much of the food options would not be to her liking.

Then, true to her word, she ate and enjoyed dessert.

Lesson to learn… first of all never judge someone who is eating dessert and thin and assume how ‘lucky’ they are.

We don’t know what they ate, how much they worked out or what effort they put in to be eating that dessert. And anyway, it doesn’t help us to have a pity party about how lucky others are and how tough we might have it.

Second lesson… make a plan and stick to it! This is what my friend has done. It may not look to the outside that way but she is mindful of what she eats and makes a balance that allows her to eat that cake.

Mindfully yours,



Bravo to .2 down!

Last Friday I weighed in for the first time in 3 weeks. Considering I’m typically at my WW meeting every Friday, that was a long time without my formal weigh in! But preparing and celebrating Passover prevented me from sticking to my regular schedule.

When I finally got to my meeting, I was down .2!

That’s basically staying the same which is a HUGE win for me. Passover meant lack of routine and lots and lots of food and what I call extreme overeating opportunities.

I think the key for me was that the holiday ended on Saturday night and Sunday am I was back on track. Literally TRACKING my foods and making decent choices within my points allotment. I also scheduled a walking date for each day of the week and kept those appointments.

So, although I know I overindulged during the holiday, those off track behaviors ended when the holiday ended.

New challenges arise this week with extra stressors at work, etc. Dinner out last night and ice cream in the office today to celebrate the end of tax season… and tomorrow night I have a dinner to attend.

There’s always some challenge lurking that we need to figure out how to work into our lives!

Keeping it mindful,


Ready Set Track



I just completed the holiday of Passover. There was lots of family time mixed with food, food and more food.

It was a wonderful holiday. But my mindful eating went out the window. I started the week mindful and tracking and ended the week with neither.

Sure I’m disappointed in myself, but wallowing won’t help me. This morning I stepped on the scale (to put an end to the madness) and ate on plan. I tracked. I chose wisely. Ok, it’s one day but it’s a start to positive behavior, that I plan to continue.

I also scheduled a walk for first thing tomorrow morning to get my activity up and running (pun intended).

So if you got off track, my advice to you is to start tracking and start moving….

Keeping it mindful (now!)


The no exercise workout


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In a regular week, I’ll have 2-5 walking dates. Typically I’ll meet up with a friend for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour of walking and talking. I always say my jaw gets the most exercise!

But this week with Passover arriving tomorrow night, I didn’t have any scheduled walks. Every spare moment has been dedicated to cleaning / shopping / cooking / planning for the upcoming holiday.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at my recorded steps for this week and got about 40000 since Sunday. That’s an average of 8000 steps on days I did not ‘schedule’ exercise.

I guess running up and down stairs to get that one item I forgot, pushing the shopping cart here and there, circling the supermarket, etc. etc. adds up!

I feel like I’ve had a workout so I’m pleased to have gotten the steps to prove it!

If you celebrate, wishing you a wonderful holiday!

Mindfully yours,


Negative 39


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Negative 39…No, not degrees (though that would be cold)! Negative 39 weekly points. That’s where I was holding on Tuesday of this week. As my points reset at midnight tonight I’ll be closing out this week at negative 31 weeklies. We attended a lovely family weekend bar mitzvah that threw off my routine. I planned for it, but somehow the large variety of choices, and the opportunity to taste a little of this and a drop of that led to my sad negative points. It was really Friday and Saturday that were impacted. I promised myself I’d get back on track on Sunday, which I did. I was hoping for perfect, on plan days from Sunday through tonight. Well, four out of five is a decent reversal of that out of control spiral.

So what did I learn? That it’s way too easy to use 100 weekly extra points in two days!

That tracking it (even when I guesstimate most of it) means I own it and take responsibility for my overindulgent choices.

That estimating is better than pretending it didn’t happen.

That I’m human and I when I fall I can and will get back up again.

That this is probably not the last time this will happen.

That in the end 4 out of 7 days were still great on plan WW days.

That I will go and weigh in tomorrow at my meeting and face the number on the scale.

That everyday and even every meal is a chance for a new beginning.

That I’m perfectly imperfect and that okay!

Keeping mindful,


The broken cart


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I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture above but the wheel on that cart was broken. But boy, was I grateful for it. You see I went into the store to get “just two things” (when will I learn!) and of course I took more like 10 or 12 items including some heavy things like a spaghetti squash and kabocha squash. By the time I checked out I was laden with four heavy bags and struggling to get to my very far away parked car (always trying to get in those extra steps! 😀). It was then I spied this abandoned, slightly broken cart. I was thrilled to make use of it and push quite hard to get it across the parking lot to my car. In another instance I would have been cursing this cart for that broken wheel. In this instance, I was blessing whomever left it there for me to find!

I’m sure there’s some deep and meaningful message in all this!

Sometimes even something imperfect can be useful!

Keep mindful,




Finding inspiration


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Sometimes I find inspiration in places not meant as weight loss related.

I recently read an article in a local paper paying tribute to a teacher that recently passed away. The article caught my attention not only because of the subject but because it was written by my neighbor. With the author’s permission I’m sharing the relevant excerpt with you.

I confided in her that I was enjoying teaching, but had been struggling with finding ways to maneuver through certain days without allowing things to get overwhelming. She listened quietly to my ramblings and then said something that has stuck with me ever since.

Mrs. Brueckheimer said that there’s not a person on Earth who can always be at their best for every hour of the day. Everyone has moments of stress and worry, but the key to managing them is acknowledging that they aren’t what define us. What really matters is knowing that growth can only come during the times when we recognize that we aren’t perfect, and that imperfection is entirely okay. She said that if in a particular day you make a difference, even something small and seemingly insignificant, you’re doing a pretty good job.

Wow! I bolded my favorite part! What great advice for life in general and for this weight loss journey. Things can be overwhelming and when we demand perfection of ourselves we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. Realizing that our best growth comes during or out of imperfection is key to succeeding…

Keep this wise advice in mind the next time you are less than perfect! I needed to hear this today and I’m going to try to take this advice to heart! Be kind to yourself and realize that imperfection is entirely okay!

Keep mindful,


(Thanks to Adam Samuel for a great article! Here is the link to see it in its entirety

Birthday blast


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Sunday was my birthday. I’m 56 years old. My kids and grandkids were around most of the weekend. It has been amazing family time. Of course that alters the food routine. Friday night there was a homemade dessert plus bakery birthday cake and Saturday night the obligatory and delicious Carvel cake. Sunday morning breakfast was bagels. Mine weighed 6 ounces which means I tracked it at 15 points! It was great, fresh from the store. No I’m not trying to make you hungry but trying to show (confess???) that I indulged. I’m in negative points on my tracker which is ok . Even after the bagel I was busy with grandkids and didn’t overdo it the rest of the day. Running after The kiddies I surely got a bazillion activity points though I forgot to wear my Fitbit so I’m not sure if it counts, LOL.

I chose to eat what I ate so it was not cheating. I tracked it and owned it. That frees me from the guilt aspect.

It was a good,special, weekend. I am blessed. I am grateful.

Mindfully yours,


Choosing wisely

Sometimes you just have to eat what you truly like and enjoy. Recently I’ve tried to incorporate more of WW newly deemed zero point foods into my daily regime. That means white meat chicken instead of dark and corn on the cob instead of a different starch.

I’m pretty happy with my vegetable and fruit intake as I love a variety of both. But I’m really rarely a fan of white meat chicken. Mostly I’ve been choosing it to keep within my points in the new plan. Sometimes I’m surprised and can really enjoy it and other times I regret the choice. It may be less (or zero ) points but if I’m not enjoying it, what’s the point (pun intended)?

And yes I like a good corn on the cob but I was choosing that over and over instead of let’s say rice or sweet potato. Every day gets boring.

Yesterday I was out for dinner and last minute opted for the grilled dark cutlets and sweet potato fries. I decided to bite the bullet and use my points in a way I’d most enjoy. The portion was large and I opted to only have half. I did go into my weekly extra points but I really enjoyed what I ate.

Sure there are some days I’ll still opt for the white meat and or corn. And enjoy it too.

A big part of this is journey is creating a sustainable system. The more I enjoy my choices the more livable this will be. Sometimes that means experimenting with new ways to prepare lower points foods. (I recently made a sous vide turkey breast in a garlic sauce that was moist and delicious and easy.) Other times it means just choosing what you want and tracking the points and relishing it as you mindfully eat it.

I’m learning as I go.

What are you doing to enjoy your food while moving on this journey?

Mindfully yours,