Choice by Choice


I just read someone post that they are chipping away at their weight ‘choice by choice.’

This hit home. It’s not chance by chance. We make choices. No one forces me to eat or overeat. Some of my choices are good but some are not! Those choices keep me further from my goals. We control our choices. We need to take ownership of our choices and the impact they have.

Bad choices make me feel out of control and leads to more negative behavior.   

When I make good choices I feel under control which in turn leads to more good choices. 

Now I have to learn to consciously make choices and think of the impact and not just the moment. 

Still learning after all these years! 

Needing to be more mindful,


A Power Brunch


Friday night and Saturday I was not so mindful.  Not how I want to be. Okay. Learn from mistakes, track it, dust self off, etc., etc. That’s all well and good but this evening I have a wedding to attend.  So getting back on track today is harder.

I could beat myself up for not thinking about that BEFORE over doing it over the weekend.  I did that for about five unhelpful minutes.  Now, I am switching to helpful, move forward mode.  This morning my husband and I walked to and from a place for brunch.  Instead of a bagel or the like I created a wonderful salad that had both protein and grains in it.  I figured it out at 7 points. It was filling and felt healthy and on plan.  I will have a fruit and maybe some more low point protein before we head out to the wedding.  I hope to stay on track at the wedding and dance and socialize and leave before dessert!

Instead of putting my money where my mouth is, I need to put my mouth where my mind is!

Keep mindful,


Couldn’t face the music


You out there in blog land know I weigh in every Friday, pretty much rain or shine if I’m in New Jersey. Well this past Friday I couldn’t face the music (or scale really). I weighed myself at home and I just couldn’t face the ‘reality check’ of having that number put in my record. It’s so silly as obviously by weighing myself at home I saw the number and I still lived. No bolt of lightning struck. 

And in the scheme of my life the number wasn’t even so bad it just is up enough to put me into a higher ‘decade’ …something I haven’t seen in a while and don’t want to see. 

To my credit I did have a really truly busy day Friday. But I knew that was just my excuse. I’ve weighed in on even busier days. So I decided not to fight myself on this one and to promise myself that this coming Friday I will show up no matter what. 

Truthfully, I have found with myself and others, usually the weeks we want to skip and hide at home are the weeks we need most to be at a meeting and reconnect and get newly inspired. 

I am trying to get back to basics and one way or another I’ll be showing up this Friday. 

Mindfully yours,


Power in Numbers

There should be power in numbers but numbers shouldn’t always have power. 

This week a friend shared with me that she’s been doing better with her   struggles with weight recently. The main difference is that her daughters have become interested. The three of them are supporting one another. This is truly a case of the positivity of the group effort. Power in numbers! 

On the other hand… this week I had a routine colonoscopy. It’s been five years since I first had one. Thankfully all went well! As you probably know the preparation is much worse than the actual procedure. My husband teased me that I went through it in order to get that ‘good number’ on the scale. Although he was joking,  it got me thinking. Of course it was fun to see a lower number. For about a minute. Or day. Then, poof, reality crept back in and the higher number in the scale returned as well. No big surprise with that. But it  showed me the power that a number can have. Which is a bad thing. I did the procedure to take care of my health. A big chunk of this journey is to keep my weight in a healthy place. So giving the number on the scale such power is really unhelpful. 

Let’s support each other and gain power in numbers that way! Let’s let go of at least some of the energy spent on worshipping a certain number on the scale and just concentrate on living a healthy life! 

Keep mindful,


Uh oh

I was away this week from Sunday through Thursday. That was 4 days that I didn’t weigh myself. Whether it wise or not I basically weigh myself most mornings. It’s part of my routine and I’ve learned to use that knowledge as a tool to keep me in check.  Mostly, I don’t allow a great number to be an excuse to over indulge. And, I don’t let a sad number become an excuse to throw in the towel.

So 4 days of no scale is jarring to my routine. So is the fact that we ate out every breakfast and dinner. And dinner was never started till at least 830 pm. At home, I usually eat dinner on the early side, sort of my own version of the early bird special  😊. 

I didn’t always make the best choices, though we did share the desserts resulting in a few tastes as opposed to consuming the whole thing. Still, that’s a lot of eating out. We walked as much as possible but I imagine I’d need to walk home from Miami to burn off everything.

I almost skipped weighing in but decided that wasn’t in my best interest. In the end I’m up about a half a pound. I’ll take it, I’ve already refocused and starting with my first meal back I returned to basics. Back on plan. 

So I learned that I can survive a few days without a scale. I keep doing this and I keep learning! 

Mindfully yours,


Recovering from a Car Crash


If last week’s blog talked about staying in the driver’s seat than today I need to confess: my eating over Passover so far seems like a car crash. Despite good intentions, I wasn’t in control and I wasn’t in the driver’s seat.  I ate and over ate. Then I had some more. Sometimes it was ‘good items’ such as fruit or salad but other times it was cake and Kugels. The bottom line was I did not really heed my own advice. Grrr, how annoyed at myself am I!?!

So now, how do I turn this around? I think back to how I recommitted to WW after this same holiday back in 2006. That was the time I put all the pieces together and actually did the program and ‘Surprise’ it worked! The success was slow but over time those .2 and .4 losses added up. I started tracking honestly and even on weekends. I committed to showing up each week to my weigh in and to sticking with it no matter what. 

Today I am remembering the lessons learned then. I’d rather catch the negative behaviors at 5 pounds up rather than letting it (easily) become ten or twenty. I worked too hard to get to where I am to give it all up!

I’m sure these last few holiday meals (four to be exact) will still be challenging and off my routine. But I’m more focused and determined to ‘pace ‘ myself and stay closer to my usual healthy habits. 

I’m going to do the best I can. Then Tuesday night when I pack away my Passover dishes till next year,I also plan to pack away any bad behaviors and get back on track. I’ll weigh in Friday no matter what.

Let’s be real. This won’t be the first or last time I  veer off track.  But, I’m resetting my weight loss gps to find my way back home. 

Mindfully yours,


Who is in the Driver’s seat?

Maybe we should think of our weight loss journey a little like driving. When we first learn to drive we are mindful of every step along the way. We are consciously looking at every mirror. We are planning our route. We don’t take things for granted. After a while we become mindless and much more reckless. We just go from point a to point B without much thought. 

When we drive we need to map out our route. We need to get gas. We need to stay fueled. We need to turn around if we go in the wrong direction. 

If you think about our weight-loss journey, we can relate each of these concepts to how we are doing. This is just a new way of thinking about the whole process which I thought was fantastic. (Thank you Terry for this epiphany and of course for your friendship all these years!)

The bottom line is who is in the driver seat? Especially with the holiday season upon us I thought this was a great concept to think about.  

Remember to keep yourself in the driver seat. That’s my plan this holiday season!

Enjoy your celebrations!

Mindfully yours,





My friend sent me this today. I thought it was great. And important. We all have flaws. We need to embrace them and learn to make them part of our journey. 

I always want everything to be perfect in life but that’s just not the way it is. And my flaws are part of me and make me the person I am. That doesn’t mean I can’t work to better myself in every way possible. But I shouldn’t beat myself up about them either. 

I definitely need to work on myself in this area. To ‘own’ the imperfections, while working to improve and grow  to be the best I can be. 

I am going to try to be mindful of this. I hope you will too! 

Flawsomely yours,

Miriam 😉

A good excuse! 


Last Friday I missed my meeting and weekly weigh in. It rarely happens. But, I promise I have a good excuse. My daughter gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Thursday. So, I was a little busy! And then on Saturday, my daughter in law gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Wow! It’s been a whirlwind, wonderful week! I feel so blessed and so grateful! 

But having a good excuse doesn’t give me a permanent ‘time off’ pass. You see, these good excuses lead me to a redefinition of why I want to do this, why I want to keep my weight in a good place. I want to be healthy. I want to take care of myself so I can be here to see my family grow. I want to share in the milestones of this next generation and be a part of their lives. 

So my good excuse to miss, also inspires me to keep doing this, to keep being mindful! 

With gratitude and joy,


Can’t let the babka win



The other night I totally ate my feelings. It was me against a bakery chocolate babka and the babka won! It was the kind of situation where I ate it standing and no plate was needed. It was yummy. Really. It did soothe me for the moment. But as soon as I finished I knew it wasn’t the answer to my issues. Short term, maybe. Long term, it would only add ‘weight’ onto whatever issues I am dealing with. 

After the fact, I tracked it. I basically used the points for Trader Joe’s chocolate babka, 2 servings. Anyone want to guess how many points that is? 20! Yikes. Well now I know. 

I guess I shouldn’t have had the babka in the house. But I did. So my plan if this scenario arises again is if I want it badly enough to cut a slice and put it on a plate. Then sit to eat it! Then track it. 

At least then it will be mindfully enjoyed. It won’t be rushed or feel like I’m cheating. 

In that case it would be choosing.

Keep it mindful,